How do you write master dissertation examples? What outline does it follow? What tips can help you when writing? In this article, all these questions will be answered. Furthermore, you will receive a master thesis example free of charge. So, keep reading to find out more.

Guide to Writing Master Research Paper Sample

  1. Research Your Topic

There are two ways a master’s student gets the topic for their research. First of all, a school may give the student a list of topics to choose from. Secondly, a school may give their student the freedom to create their own topic. Whether you fall into the first or second category, you must research your topic and read the examples.

Masters Dissertation Example #1

Masters Dissertation Example #2

You can choose to go to a physical library or use its online database. Your research may include either videos or written texts or both. However, make sure that whatever materials you are using are academic or from authoritative sources. Do not pick materials from random blogs or websites as this could cost you marks.

After research, make sure you gather your sources of information in one document as you will need them. Also, it is important to note that as you write your dissertation, you may still need additional sources for inspiration. Similarly, you may need to take away some sources as you may find more authoritative ones.

Another thing to do is list out important information from the sources. These include the author’s name, publication year, publication title, publication volume, edition, location of publisher, and a link if it is an e-publication. Why is this necessary? After writing your dissertation, you will need to create a bibliography of your sources in alphabetical order. When you already have your sources listed out, it becomes easy to create your bibliography.

  1. Write a Rough Draft

Before writing your dissertation, you must have first submitted and gotten approval for your masters dissertation proposal sample. This means you may not have to write much in your first two chapters, you may only have to make edits.

So, with what you have researched, write down a rough draft for your chapter four, which is usually the analysis and discussion chapter. A rough draft happens when you write your thoughts and ideas as freely as they come. It is also called a rough draft because you are not pressured into giving your work a structure yet. The pressure of structuring your work immediately may cause you to miss out on useful ideas. However, writing a rough draft gives you the freedom to write as freely as you can. You can either choose to use a paper or write your first draft on your laptop.

  1. Write Your Dissertation Chapters

After writing your rough draft, the next thing to do is give it a structure. The structure of a masters dissertation example dissertation consists of chapters. Chapter one is the introduction of your dissertation and it is here that you will introduce your topic, the aims, or the research questions of your dissertation.

Your reader should be able to tell what the content of your dissertation will be from just reading your introduction. The next chapter is the literature review chapter which comprises selected materials relevant to the topics that you researched yet found open to further research.

In your literature review, you will also show how your research work differs from previous research. In chapter three, you will write in detail the tools, methods, problems you encountered/used for your research. In chapter four, you will do an analysis of the raw work you got and then show the results. Finally, in chapter five or chapter six, which is the conclusion, you will give a summary of everything you have done and also give suggestions.

  1. Edit and Check for Plagiarism

Next, edit your work for errors. You can use an online spellchecker to make it easier for you. After editing, you should use a plagiarism checker to check for plagiarism. Lastly, proofread your work to correct for any writing error, wrong information, or confusing statements. You can also give an expert to help you proofread before submitting.


With these master thesis examples, writing your dissertation should become much easier for you. So, put all the steps here to practice.

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